James R. Wolverton

Jim started and ended life as a Midwesterner, born in Oklahoma and dying suddenly of a heart attack in Minnesota on 26 October 1997.  He came to the Naval Academy via the fleet and NAPS, and established himself as a varsity fencer and physics buff.  He was the moving force in establishing the Van de Graf generator in Isherwood Hall, and won the Physics Club’s technical paper contest with his submission on relativity. 


Shifting uniforms to Air Force blue, Jim continued his scientific achievements while rising to the rank of colonel.  He managed the Sacramento Aircraft Modernization and Repair Facility, and three major aircraft development programs.  As a technical director for the AC-130A gunship program, he made numerous trips to Vietnam, earning the Bronze Star and Legion of Merit.


Retiring in 1979, Jim became a Technology Development and Marketing Manager for Honeywell.  He was a founder of TriSen Systems, serving as president and COO.  Along the way, he earned three masters degrees, and a PhD.  Jim is buried in the National Cemetery in historic Fort Snelling, Saint Paul. His children are Eric, Alec, Randall, Lauren and Lauri.  His widow, Barbara Bender resides in Edina, MN.