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Time:  Home games are on Saturdays and usually start at 3:30 pm (due to TV coverage) with a few exceptions. Our tailgate area opens three hours before game time. Attached is a map and directions to our tailgate area.


Parking:  A parking pass is needed to park in any stadium parking area. George Mushalko often has a parking pass available for our tailgate area from a classmate season ticket holder who cannot attend the game.Also, the athletic association has two off-site parking areas and provides bus transportation to and from the stadium from Harry Truman Park.


Germantown Elementary School - Exit Route 50 at Rowe Blvd.; right turn on Farragut Road; right turn on Cedar Park Lane; school is on the left.


Harry Truman Park & Ride - Exit Route 50 at Aris Allen Blvd. (exit 22) and bear to the right (Riva Road exit); right turn on Riva Road; right turn on Harry Truman Parkway; lot is on the right.


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