Last Call

In this section we honor and remember all our classmates who have passed away, not only by name but with an obituary for each, and each with a stadium memorial chair. To help this process, we have developed a step-by-step procedure for obtaining and publishing Shipmate obituaries and providing stadium memorial chairs. We have also included a guide for writing obituaries for Shipmate. The Taps section contains information like newspaper obituaries, etc. for each deceased classmate until a full Shipmate obituary can be published, which can take some time. A Survivor's Checklist, written primarily for the wives of our classmates who are newly widowed, is included as a guide for the actions most generally taken immediately and in the months that follow the death of a loved one.  One of our classmates, a Certified Financial Planner professional for over 30 years, prepared the checklist from his own work, supplemented by reviewing the resources available on the subject to provide a straightforward and compact guide.  His estate planning guide complements the survivors checklist by outlining actions that can be taken now that will help in administering the estate later.