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Lost Sheep

The list below was current as of 29 December 2021

Joseph D. Anthony Jr. (5) Last known addresses at 222 Parkview Dr.,

Cartersville, GA 31522 and103 Adcock Rd NW, Adairsville, GA 30103-5518 are now undeliverable. Have no email address. Last phone number, 970-606-0556, is not in service.


Robert Samuel Brown, Jr. (24). Achieved the rank of Capt., USMC but we do not know when he left active duty. Lost as of the 25th reunion, but in Southern California after that, at 6567 Cardeno Dr., La Jolla, CA 92037 in the 1986 Register of Alumni, and at 1331 Bush St., San Diego, CA 92102-2810 for our fortieth reunion in 1996. Our San Diego Chapter has been unable to locate him. An organization advises that they have a member with the same name and date of birth. They will not release his address but have informed him that the class is trying to locate him, and he has not contacted us, so the evidence indicates that he was alive but chose to remain out of touch.


Stephen G. Gardella (22). Lt. Col., USAF (Ret.). Air Force retired personnel locator service had his address as of 1996 and forwarded our letter to him and he did not respond and evidently chooses to remain out of touch.


Ross R. Hatch (18) Unable to reach Ross at 828-274-1782, rosshatch56@gmail.com, or 16 Salisbury Dr Apt 7215, Asheville, NC 28803-3341.


George C. Heidrich (8) had a Ft. Lauderdale second home prior to 2011 that by 2016 was his only home of record. A class letter sent there in January 2017 was delivered, as far as we know, and the next letter was sent in February 2019. It was forwarded to Wood Ridge, IL, and from there forwarded to Saint Charles, IL (24 miles away), and from there returned to the sender. 

The class did not have the Illinois address and the Alumni Association has no record to show how they received it. No success has been had with his email address nor any of his phone numbers. We have no names or any other information about George’s children, but Galen Heidrich and Katrina Heidrich are listed on anywho.com as residents of both addresses in Illinois to which the February 2019 class letter was forwarded but not accepted. Secretary sent a letter to the Florida address to be sure George (or his wife Isabel Johanis or Heidrich) was not still there. Sent a letter to Katrina Heidrich, age 49, at the Saint Charles address on 15 August 2019. There has been no reply to either.


Donald Peter Murphy (20) As of 2011 his mail address and phone number in Chatsworth, CA were no longer good. An internet search of real estate sites revealed that the property at his last address was for sale. His email address in our class register is not rejected by the system, but he has not responded to inquiries concerning his change of address. His bio is in the Golden Lucky Bag.



The Class Executive Committee endeavors to maintain the current contact information for every member of the Class of 1956. The information may be accessed directly at www.usna.com, Alumni Lookup. If we learn the address of a classmate and he does not want that information made available to fellow alumni, we will respect his wish to keep the information private. If we have no contact information on a classmate and we have not heard from him in many years, it is possible that he has passed away. We wish to complete the historical file with the date, place, and cause of death. We also maintain the contact information for class widows because they are included in class activities. The names of classmates who graduated with the class of 1956 for whom we, the class organization, and the Alumni Association have no contact information appear above. Anyone who can help us to contact these lost classmates, or who has information concerning their passing, is asked to contact any member of the Class Executive Committee or the staff of the U. S. Naval Academy Alumni Association. 


While preparing for our fortieth reunion in 1996 we searched for the addresses of over one hundred classmates who had become lost, reducing that number to nineteen persons for whom we had no address. Since 1996, some of those nineteen have remained lost, some have been found, and others have gone missing. Every year we send a letter to the entire class. We learn of address changes when the letter is returned by the post office.