This is the core of the web site insofar for leaving a comprehensive class legacy. Its starting point is the Lucky Bag where the journey began and then documents our passages through life via the 25th, 40th, 50th, and 55th Reunion Books--all available on this site. These publications are complemented by the superb reunion videos and those of selected class member interviews (Kelso, Shumaker, Hobbs, etc.) on leadership. Here we also offer an abbreviated class history to satisfy the succinct "about us" feature of most websites. Expanded histories, which are interwoven with events of the times, are available in the 40th and 50th Reunion Books. Other items in our history: The chronological flow of changes in midshipman life and the Academy over the time since we graduated to adapt to external changes affecting the Academy.  Another captures a unique chapter in Academy history wherein 25% of classes from '49 to '63 entered the Air Force to provide an Academy trained nucleus. The class of 1956 fully participated with 25% or 169 graduates. The Shipmate article, "Navy Blue to Air Force Blue" captures this distinctive period in our and Academy histories--commemorated with one of the 20 Navy-Marine Corps Stadium Memorial Arches of Naval History. We take great pride in  honoring our four classmates -- Frank Kelso, Bob Shumaker, Mitch Hart, and Jimmy Hogg -- named Distinguished Graduates of the Naval Academy, with an overview of their accomplishments from their nominations. And lastly, we recognize our classmates and wives who have written and published books.