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The name of the Association shall be the ´´Association of the Class of 1956, United States Naval Academy.´´ 



The mission of the Association shall be to maintain unity and fellowship among its members and to uphold the spirit and traditions of the Class of 1956.



Section I  --  Regular Members

All persons who were graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy as members of the Class of 1956 shall be regular members of the Association.  All persons who entered the U.S. Naval Academy as a part of the Class of 1956, not regular members of this Association, shall be accepted as regular members.  The word “member” appearing hereinafter, refers to regular members of the Association.

Section II  --  Honorary Members

Widows of deceased members of the Association and others approved by the Executive Committee are honorary members of the Association.  All honorary members of the Association shall enjoy all the benefits and privileges of the Association, except the privilege of voting and holding office.



The officers of the Class of 1956 shall be a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary as elected in May 1955 to serve a lifetime tenure. The affairs of the Association will be administered for the first five years after graduation by these officers.  Commencing in June 1961 and Executive Committee will be responsible for managing the affairs of the Association.  The Executive Committee shall consist of a minimum of five members of the Association willing to assume the obligations of committee members.  At least five of the members shall reside within the Maryland/Virginia area.



1.  The responsibility and authority for the management of the affairs of the Association shall be vested in the Executive Committee.

2.  The Executive Committee shall appoint a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

3.  The Chairman shall preside at Executive Committee meetings.  He shall act for the Association on all matters decided by the Executive Committee.

4.  The executive Committee shall meet annually and at such other times as they may mutually agree.  The time and place will be designated by the Chairman.  Three members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum.

5.  The Treasurer of the Executive Committee shall be responsible for the custody of the funds and negotiable instruments of the Association.  He shall make expenditures only upon order of the Chairman, Executive Committee and he shall submit his accounting annually on a calendar year basis, and upon relief, to the Executive Committee for audit.  The Treasurer shall cause tax reports to be filed as required by law.

6.  The Secretary shall maintain records of the whereabouts of the members of the Association.  He  shall keep minutes of all Executive Committee meetings and shall be primarily responsible for the custody of all non-financial records and correspondence of the Association.

7.  The Executive Committee shall publish at least annually, the membership and organization of the present Executive Committee, a summary of Committee actions, a financial statement of the Association and other pertinent information.   The Executive Committee may publish a directory of the Association when deemed appropriate.

8.  The Executive Committee may submit to a vote of the members of the Association, such proposals as deemed appropriate.  Any proposal presenting in writing to the Secretary by a member and having the signed endorsement of nine other members must be considered by the Executive Committee within thirty days.

9.  The Executive Committee shall appoint such committees as may be necessary to further the mission of the Association.

10.  All meeting and records of the Executive Committee shall be open to members of the Association.



1.  Every member shall be entitled to one vote, which will be submitted by written ballot.

2.  Voting by proxy is prohibited.

3.  Any proposal submitted to the members of the Association for vote shall be declared carried if a majority of the members responding vote in the affirmative.

4.  A proposal submitted to the members of the Association for vote shall include the date on which the votes must be received by the Secretary.  This date shall be not less than three months after the date of the mailing of the proposal.



1.  The Executive Committee may make routine expenditures or obligations, which in the opinion of the Committee are in the best interests of the Association.

2.  Expenditures, other than routine, will be normally authorized only for those purposes which are offered to or benefit the entire Association and which support the mission of the Association.  Obligations shall not be incurred in excess of available funds.

3.  Funds of the Association shall be maintained in the name of the Association in an accredited banking institution or invested in nonspeculative negotiable investments, at the discretion of the Treasurer.

4.  The constitution shall remain in effect so long as there are sufficient number of surviving members to act in the capacity of an Executive Committee as provided for herein.  Upon notification to the USNA Alumni Association by the last surviving Chairman of the Executive Committee of the dissolution of this Association, or in the event by the year 2036, the administration of the affairs of this Association and any assets thereof shall pass forthwith to the USNA Alumni Association for use as deemed appropriate.



This Constitution of the Association may be altered or amended by a vote of the Association, as  provided for by Articles V and VI.



Each member of the Association shall keep the Secretary informed of his current address, and provide any information which might contribute to the mission of the Association.



This Constitution will be in effect when approved by a vote of the Association as provided for in Articles V and VI.