A Sampling of Midshipman Changes Since 1956

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  • SATS took place of USNA’s own entrance exam
  • Last year for train to Philadelphia for Army-Navy game:
  • Switch to buses in 1959
  • Detachable starched collar discontinued
  • Last football game in Thompson Stadium


  • First football game in Navy-Marine Corps Stadium


  • Raincoat with sleeves replaces cape/sleeveless style
  • N3N biplanes disbanded
  • Cap stretcher with white cotton cap cover replaced with plastic type cover


  • Marching to class discontinued
  • Whale boats gone
  • First Air Force-Navy football game/Baltimore-Navy 35, AF 3
  • Dewey Basin filled in to become Ingram Field (track, etc.)
  • Area filled in from Mess Hall out in the Bay to become Farragut Fields
  • (Football practice fields, Rip Miller Stadium, Brigade athletics)
  • 7th and 8th wings added


1960s / 70s

  • 1970 Forrestal Lecture Series is established
  • 1972 Dr. Rae Jean Goodman becomes the first woman faculty member and LCDR Georgia Clark becomes the first woman officer instructor
  • 1973 Nimitz Library is dedicated.
  • 1974 Robert Crown Sailing Center is dedicated and placed in service.
  • 1975 Rickover Hall is completed.
  • 1976 July 9 Class of 1980 is inducted in June 1976, including 81 women midshipmen.
  • 1978 June 7 The last “June Week” is held. Graduation henceforth to be in May as Commissioning Week


OTHER 60s / 70s (various dates)

  • Tea Dances (Fights) discontinued
  • Chapel not mandatory
  • Majors options instituted and credit for college courses
  • Saturday morning classes discontinued
  • First class cars
  • USMA/USNA exchange weekends for all cancelled to limited number of exchange semesters (USNA/USMA/USAFA)
  • Dedicated summer cruises replaced with multiple other options


1980s / 1990s

  • 1981 Lejeune Hall with Olympic-size pool opens.
  • 1981 Walter Nobles ’92 becomes first African-American Brigade Commander.
  • 1982 Melville, Isherwood, and Griffin Halls razed.
  • 1991 Alumni Hall dedicated.
  • 1994 The radio transmitter land and buildings are acquired by the Naval Academy.
  • 1993 --Fencing discontinued at all levels (varsity, phys Ed, etc.) Rudy Daus was team captain in ‘56
  • 1995 Armel-Leftwich Visitors Center is dedicated.   





  • Fixed curriculum for all changed to a core curriculum of academic and professional which all must take with 23 major fields of study-- seven in engineering; nine in science, mathematics, and computer science; and seven in the humanities and social sciences.

Midshipman Life


All classes granted leave during these periods:

  • End-of-semesters
  • Mid-term during spring semester
  • A short liberty period at the end of spring semester and before Commissioning Week
  • Three weeks of summer vacation




  • Weekend liberty permits an overnight away from the Academy during the weekend, (Sat morn) returning before the Sunday evening meal. A limited number) number based on class (soph. jr. sr.) none for plebes

Town Liberty

  • Plebes have town liberty on Saturdays (noon to midnight) and yard liberty within the Naval Academy complex on Sundays. Town liberty is granted for upperclass midshipmen in accordance with class


  • Third-class midshipmen and plebes are not permitted to operate motor vehicles except on authorized leave
  • Second-class midshipmen may have a car but must maintain and operate it beyond Academy grounds (usually park at the stadium).
  • First -class midshipmen may drive a car in Annapolis and on the Naval Academy and park it at the Naval Academy.  No motorcycles.