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George Mushalko & Jim Van Metre -- Co-Chairmen:


Doug Hayman -- Secretary/Database Manager:


Hoppy Hohenstein -- Treasurer:


Pete Fitzwilliam-- Shipmate Correspondent:


Nancy Henry -- Widows Advisor:


Bud Alexander    budalex@tampabay.rr.com
Dan Garges    magdan_56@yahoo.com
Ken Godstrey    kedgodstrey@comcast.net
Chip Honsinger     honsinger57@comcast.net
Jim Johnson  jjohnsonusna56@gmail.com
Don Kennedy   donekennedy1956@gmail.com
John Kirkpatrick    jhkirk1@verizon.net
Dick Levendoski    rski1571@aol.com
Updated July 2, 2021
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