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Classmates who want to send an email to all other classmates may do so by sending the email to Doug Hayman at dfhayman@comcast.net or to George Mushalko at gmushalko@cox.net. Doug or George will send the email to all classmates via our Alumni Association email service.   In order to protect identity of email addresses they will not display in the transmitted emails. 

Those who want to use the 56USNA service may continue.   We are investigating other services which may provide more flexibility and ease of use in the future.  Will keep you informed on progress.


If you want the '56 Contact List from the Alumni web site,  go to http://www.usna.com, and enter the Alumni Only section. Register as per instructions. Bring up '56 and the person about whom you wish to have contact info.  Also, it is here that you make changes to your own contact info.

If you need to change your email address in the 56USNA account, change your email address in the Membership section of Yahoo Groups while still using your old email address to reach this group. See the upper right portion of the Yahoo Groups page (e.g., 56USNA) and link at the 'Edit My Membership' notation.  Follow making the changes with an email message telling of the changes to 56USNA@yahoogroups.com, using your new email address or contact Casey Kenaston (caseyken@aol.com).