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Convenient Process for Obtaining Independent Reviews of Books


Here is a good process for obtaining independent reviews of books that our classmates have written.  If Amazon is selling the book it will most likely have some reviews of the book.  Go to and click on “Books.” Enter the name of the book in the window at the top of the Amazon books web page. If Amazon has the book a page will display showing the title, author, number of reviews and overall rating ( i.e. one to five stars ). To the right of the overall rating stars there will be a number indicating the number of reviews of the book.  Click on that number in order to read the reviews.  At the top of the review page you will see part of the review with the best grade on the left side and part of the review with the worst grade on the right side. There is a link below these partial reviews which you can click on to read the full reviews. If you want to send a review to a friend just copy the book title and the review page link into an email and forward it.


Alexander, Bud

            Submarine Command

Biays, W. Tuckerman and Alice

            Codename Wildcard

Biles, George; Steven Holmberg

            Strategic Human Resources Planning

Biles, George; Howard Tuckman

            Part-Time Faculty Personnel Management Policies

Biles, George; Randall Schuler

            Audit Handbook of Human Resource Management Practices

Binns, Jack

            The United States in Honduras, 1980-1981: An Ambassador’s Memoir

Booth, Peter

            Humble in Victory

            True Faith and Allegiance

            Sea Buoy Outbound

            Aircraft Carrier Command

Daus, Rudy

            The Crescent Odyssey

Davis, Sidney

            Delta Airlines: debunking the Myth

            Murder in Lisbon


            Artist’s Choice

Hansen, Marge

            Brave Warriors, Humble Heroes: A Vietnam War Story

Heisinger, Duane

            Father Found

Jenson, Gunnar

            Gunnar’s Learning Curves

Keller,Robert M.

The Complete Directory of Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Dance Figures Index, American Country Dances

Dance Figures Index, English Country Dances, 1651-1827

The Dancing Master, 1651-1728: An Illustrated Compendium                                 

Keller, Robert M. and Kate

            Early American Secular Music and Its European Sources, 1589-1839: an Index

            National Tune Index 18th Century Secular Music

Keller, Kate

            Dance and Its Music in America 1528-1789

            No Kissing Allowed in School! A Virginia Dancing School in 1784

            Fife Tunes From the American Revolution

            Songs From the American Revolution

            Fiddle Tunes From the American Revolution

            If the Company Can Do It! Technique in Eighteenth Century American Social Dance

            Musical Clocks of Early America and Their Music

            Giles Gibbs, Jr. His Book for the Fife

Keller, Kate; George Fogg

            Social Dances From 18th Century Virginia: The Richmond Assemblies

            Country Dances From Colonial New York: James Alexander’s Notebook, 1730

Keller, Kate; Charles Hendrickson

            George Washington: A Biography in Social Dance

            Social Dances From the American Revolution

Keller, Kate; Arthur Schrader

            The Isaiah Thomas Ballad Collection

Keller, Kate; Gilliam Anderson

            Forgery in the Music Library, A Cautionary Tale

Keller, Kate; Genevieve Shimer

            The Playford Ball. 103 Early English Country Dances, 1651-1820

Keller, Kate; Ralph Sweet

            A Choice Selection of American Country Dances, 1775-1795

Keller, Robert M. and Kate; Mary Jane Corry

The Performing Arts in Colonial American Newspapers,1690-1783 Text database andIndex

Lippert, F.G.; J. Farmer

            Developing and Maintaining Psychomotor Skills in Orthopedic Surgery

Lippert, F.G.; D. Wenger, R. Bucholz

            Clinical Decision-Making in Orthopedic

Lippert, F.G.; C Teitz

            Diagnosing Musculoskeletal Problems, A Practical Guide

Lippert, F.G.; S.T. Hansen

            Foot and Ankle Disorders, Tricks of the Trade

Miller, J. Michael

            Three Prayers

            Good News for Those Who Wonder (…What the Bible is About)

Missler, Chuck


            Cosmic Codes

            Alien Encounters

            Learn the Bible In 24 Hours

            Hidden Treasures

Missler, Nancy

            Reflections of His Image

            Never Give Up!

            Tomorrow May Be Too Late

            Against the Tide

            Why Should I Be the First to Change

            Private Worship

Missler, Chuck and Nancy

            The Choice

            The Key

            The Way of  Agape

            Be Ye Transformed

            Faith in the Night Seasons

            The Kingdom, Power, & Glory

Nelson, Carl A.

            Your Own Import-Export Business: Winning the Trade Game

            Global Success: International Business Tactics Of the1990’s

            Managing Globally: A Complete Guide to Competing Worldwide

            Import/Export: How to Take Your Business Across Borders, 4th Edition,2007

            Protocol for Profit: A Manager’s Guide to Competing Worldwide

            International Business: A Manager’s Guide to Strategy in the Age of Globalism

            Exporting: A Manager’s Guide to the World Market

            The Advisor (Co-Van)

            Secret Players

            Madam President and the Admiral

            The Message of the Puzzle Ring


            Boot Camp Buddies

Nicholson, Murray    

            The Story of Nicky, the First 80 Years

Peterson, Cliff


            The Girl From Sprague River

Peterson, Cliff and Anne

            The Adventures of Sir Wellington Boots

Randrup, Eleanor

            Courageous Women of Maryland

Randrup, Eleanor; Catherine Kenny

            Juanita Jackson Mitchell: FreedomFighter

Ransom, Jay

            Heroes for my Grandchildren

Robertson, Hollis

            a sailor’s life

Schwartz, Tom

            How Mother Nature Flowered the Fields

            How Mother Nature Dealt with Creatures

            Wrongly Accused

            Spaceship Earth

            Fourth Reich Rising

            Identity and Immortality

Westmoreland, Perry

            The Keys to Communicating With Other Worlds


            Ancient Greek Beliefs

            The Prophet’s Protege

           The Neanderthal Quandary

Wright, Orville

            ‘Twas a Hard Knock Life