Marc Theodore Wolff

While at Navy, Marc played football and was a lifelong supporter of the Blue and Gold, attending virtually every Navy game.  Upon commissioning he joined the Air Force, serving as an electronics officer. 


After leaving the service, he worked in his father’s firm in sales and marketing.  Upon his father’s death, Marc continued his sales career at Artcraft & Foremost Inc. for 20 years.  Leaving the sales and marketing arena, Marc found great personal and professional satisfaction in hypnotherapy where he worked with the American Cancer Society providing hypnotherapy support to cancer patients – often pro bono.


All who knew Marc will remember him as a straightforward, outgoing man.  In one instance he took the time and trouble to enlighten a mediocre Navy soccer goalie on the intricacies of the trap versus the draw on the offensive line.  One of Navy’s outstanding offensive linemen, Pat McCool, gave Marc this accolade: “Marc played on the Plebe and JV football teams all 4 years.  Marc was a tackle and never missed a practice and never flinched from the daily punishment from the varsity.  The football team had a lot of respect for Marc.  Though we called him  “Toughy”, Marc was a big guy with a kind and gentle disposition.”


Marc Theodore Wolff departed this world on 22 November 2001 in Marlton, New Jersey.  He is survived by his children, Greg Wolff and Rachel Strimber; and his seven grandchildren: Yitzchok, Shmarya, Barak, Adeena, Avigdor, Shraga and Leora Marcy Strimber.