John A. Webster, Jr.

Born a "Navy Junior" in Norfolk, John graduated from Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School.  Following graduation from USNA, he served in MADDOX (DD731).  He then attended Submarine School and served in TUSK (SS 426).  Upon completion of Nuclear Power School, he served in ETHAN ALLEN (SSBN 608), NAUTILUS (SSN 571), NATHAN HALE (SSBN 623), and as Commanding Officer of SEAWOLF (SSN 575).  For superior performance of the highly specialized work of SEAWOLF, he was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal.


John graduated from the Naval Postgraduate School in 1968 with a Masters degree in Operations Research.  Upon retiring as a Captain in 1978, he worked for Bechtel, then Impell Corporation.  He earned a Professional Engineers license in 1990 and formed his own company, O & M Management Services, which developed emergency procedures for a Naval Shipyard and San Francisco area hospitals.  John was a member of a men’s home winemaking group whose wines won numerous gold medals.  He developed a hydroelectric power plant for his home, converted a gas engine to one powered by alcohol and water, and created Napa County’s first high speed internet access network.  He remained active and fit, and loved skiing, golf, biking, and surfing. 


John died of cancer on 29 March 2004.  Immediate family members include Joanie, his wife of 41 years, their son, John, III, and two daughters, Coralee and Julia, his father, (Captain, USN, USNA ’31), mother, sister, and  a brother out of USNA ‘58.  Joanie continues to live in their California home on a lovely hillside overlooking the Napa Valley, where she raises Connemara ponies, a special breed of horses originating in Ireland.