John Albert Wagner

LCDR Wagner, a native of Lebanon, PA, died on 11 May 1986 in Union City, California after failing health.  John was also known as “Honus” to many based on his love of the baseball Hall of Fame great, Honus Wagner, who played for his favorite team, the Pittsburgh Pirates.


 John joined the Navy out of high school and spent roughly four years as a Personnelman, and in the process, qualified for the Naval Academy Prep School (NAPS) at Bainbridge MD.  He definitely qualified as an “Old Salt” compared to the rest of the class, both at NAPS and the Academy. At NAPS he took advantage of the nearness of his home in PA to travel there on weekends.  And on several occasions he took along several friends to explore the beauties and delights of his beloved state. At the Academy, his melodious voice was heard on Sundays during Catholic services.


After graduation, John began flight training but left due to medical reasons.  He then went Navy Line and while serving aboard a destroyer, again became sick.  Other assignments took him to Yokosuka, Japan (supply area) and to San Diego where he served on the Board of Inspection and Survey.  Following this, John retired from the Navy and moved to Union City, CA.  There, he worked as the manager of a Radio Shack store in Fremont, CA until his death.  Here was a hard-working, easy-going, highly likeable individual – a true officer and gentleman.