Wilfredo Dino Viray

Willie Viray married Maria "Baby" Mansour in Manila. Willie served in the Philippine Navy, then went into private business.  With a civil engineering degree and a masters in math & physics, he ventured into the cargo shipping and container yard business, working as a naval architect and ship builder, and marketing luxury yachts.  Willie was a proponent of seapower as well as a generous civic action leader of programs that help improve the health of poor people.  He served two terms as president of Manila Bay’s historic Army & Navy Club.  Willie died on September 8, 1982 due to cirrhosis.


Daughter Vicky provides the following information about the four Viray children: “Vicky and husband Jojo live in Vienna, Virginia.  Both earned masters degrees from George Washington University. Vicky is an Operations Analyst, and Jojo is an Editorial Systems Specialist.  Maria and daughter Josephine live in Makati, Philippines.  Josephine earned a degree in political history at UC Berkeley, graduating with honors.  Daughter Anna, a freelance writer and businessman husband Franz live in San Francisco.  Anna earned her masters in International Affairs from Syracuse University.  Son Wally and wife Michelle live in Orange County, CA.  Wally is a Program Manager and Michelle a housewife and mother of Mark William, Willie's first grandchild. Wally earned his MS in computer science and PhD from Buxton University, and a second PhD in information management in the UK.  We always include grandpa Willie in our prayers.  We strive to achieve as he would have wished, that he might be proud of us.  And together in spirit we hail, Go Navy!!!”