Edward A. Sechrest

This Bio is written by Rod Flannery, from a personal perspective.  “From the summer of 1952 until 1992, when Ed succumbed to that insidious disease of cancer, he never ceased to amaze us with his wit, competitiveness, sagacity and his zest for life.


I know the above is true because our career paths, lives, adventures and misadventures were remarkably parallel. We were enlisted together at NAPS, and were in the same USNA Company where neither of us could swim “a lick”. 


Later, with neither of us faring too well flying at Pensacola, we went to destroyers, followed by tours at Post Graduate School in Monterey. Then we served in various capacities on combatant ships, ships stationed overseas, a year in Viet Nam and command of Destroyers. We served our Navy for 30 years plus, and during that time played golf, albeit not very well (Ed, to this day might dispute this fact), all over the world.        


Thus I felt privileged to have known Ed throughout these times, wherein his life was marked by his unconsumed love for three things: his wife, Peggy, his son and two daughters, his Navy, and his golf.  Anyone that knows Peggy most assuredly appreciates his first love; anyone that served with Ed will vouchsafe for his second love; and anyone that comprehended that Ed’s gentleness was belied by his competitiveness in regards to golf will understand his third love.


So Ed, dear friend and classmate, though we have missed you over the past decade, memories of you and yours over the first forty years remain with us.”