Edward W. Schildhauer

Ed Schildhauer, son of a career chief petty officer, came to the Naval Academy from the Midwest after a year at Ripon College in Wisconsin.  His USNA company mates remember him as an intellectual person, listening to classical music (especially Bach) and reading Nietzsche.  After graduation Ed became a submariner, leaving the service at the nine-year point. 


He was then employed by Raytheon in a technical capacity, retiring after 25 years. During this time he completed extensive graduate study in business administration and computer science. He then earned his master’s degree (Simmons College) and embarked on a third career as a librarian for the EPA facility at Lexington, MA, indulging his passion for philosophy and literature.


Ed died of cancer at the MIT infirmary in December 1995, keeping his cheery, wry sense of humor to the end.  As befits his love of submarines and sailing, his ashes were scattered in Long Island Sound.  Ed’s widow Carole lives in Cambridge, MA.  Four children, Kurt, Erich, Katherine, and Craig have given the family six grandchildren.