Charles Roberson Roberts

Charlie Roberts was born in the District of Columbia, but entered the Naval Academy via the University of North Carolina, where he started his Navy career as a member of the NROTC Unit.  Charlie took the change in lifestyle at the Academy in stride, capably handling all challenges.  His extracurricular passion was radio and he worked at WRNV, our Bancroft Hall radio station, throughout his four years at the Academy.  During Second Class year, he was appointed as WRNV’s Chief Engineer.


Choosing Navy Line on graduation, Charlie’s first ship was the USS COLUMBUS in the Seventh Fleet.  His tour on the COLUMBUS was short however, as Charlie volunteered for submarine duty.  During his career as a junior officer, he served on the submarines USS MEDREGAL and USS TANG.  He also was a graduate of the Naval Post Graduate School, the Air War College, and earned a MBA from Auburn University.   The highlight of Charlie’s career was command of USS SAILFISH from 1970 to 1972.  His last tour of duty was in the Pentagon on the staff of the CNO, where he was promoted to Captain.


Charlie died of cancer at Bethesda Naval Hospital on 10 December 1976.  His ashes were scattered at sea from the ship he had commanded, USS SAILFISH.  He left behind his wife, Leilani, two sons and a daughter.