Richard D. Petersen

Dick Petersen was a Midwesterner (Wisconsin) who enlisted in the Navy and served 18 months as an airman prior to entering the Naval Academy.  He followed another family member into the service, and had the unique experience as a plebe of having a first classman nephew, Ed Petersen, ’53.  In fact, Dick had taken Ed’s OAO and future wife Carol to his high school prom, since Ed was away serving as a Navy petty officer at the time.


Dick’s activities at USNA included public relations and press work with the varsity football, basketball, baseball, and swimming teams.  He was also a recreational sailor, and when leave and liberty called enjoyed his favorite pastime – skiing. 


He graduated with the 21st Company and returned to his chosen branch of the service as a naval aviator.  Resigning in 1960, Dick became an aerospace engineer and program manager for SAIC in California.  In 1989 he started his own business as a commodities investor and analyst.  He has one son, Ricky.  Dick Petersen died at the West Los Angeles VA Med Center on 23 April 1993.  His classmates remember his quiet good humor and dedication fondly.