Dwight Curtis Owings

Dwight Owings, known as “Cowboy” to his company mates, was an Alabaman and Civil War buff who entered the Academy on a senatorial appointment following a year as a reserve midshipman at Alabama Polytechnic Institute (now Auburn).  At USNA, Dwight showed superior leadership potential, serving as 6th Battalion Operations Officer first class year. 


After earning his Navy wings, he flew with Attack Squadron 93 based in Alameda before reporting to Test Pilot School at Patuxent River in 1962.  As a project pilot, he participated in testing the Navy’s newest aircraft. Following an assistant navigator tour on the carrier FRANKLIN D ROOSEVELT, Dwight returned to flying attack aircraft. His flying proficiency and well-respected officer qualities led to his selection as a candidate for Astronaut. In 1965 Dwight was cited in Naval Aviation News for making the 142,000th carrier landing in a jet attack aircraft.  LCDR Owings was serving with Attack Squadron 42 based in Oceana, VA when he was killed in an A-6 Intruder explosion over the Chesapeake Bay in 1966. 


His widow, Patricia Ann Bailey lives in Virginia Beach.  Their children are Curtis and Mary Christine.  He has three sisters and a brother still living in his hometown of Sylacauga, AL.  Several nieces and nephews in Alabama also remember him fondly.  Dwight’s son Curtis and his niece Carole Jones Newman generously contributed to this bio.   His family and classmates salute his service to the nation.