John Gordon McGarry

The following is written by Joanie McGarry Methfessel.  “Gordon enjoyed a wonderful career in the Navy culminating as Commanding Officer of the USS Lewis and Clark.  Following his last patrol in Rota, we spent three weeks traveling in Spain.  He had a final shore tour in Washington, D.C. and then Gordon retired from the Navy.  As a civilian he worked for Gould as Vice President in their Ocean Systems Division. The position included lots of travel and I joined him on a trip to Paris and a six-week adventure to Asia and Australia.


We lived in Newport, Rhode Island for a year and then moved to Annapolis. Since he was a Marylander he was at "home" in Crabtown and loved the proximity to the Naval Academy.  Gordon died on October 9, 1985. He loved his family, life and the Navy. While serving in the Navy he always said, "If it ever stops being fun, I'll leave".  It never stopped being fun for him.


The McGarry boys are doing well. Doug has retired from the Navy after 20 years and is now flying for Southwest Air Lines, Jamie is working for the Postal System and Jeff is with MRO Software Inc. They are all married and we have six grandchildren.


"It was a good life and we were blessed with the time we had.”