Douglas Stuart Mayfield

Doug Mayfield was recognized as a leader from the moment he entered the Academy.  At that point, he was three years out of high school in California, including a year at Sacramento Junior College, a year working, and a year in the Fleet.  At Navy, he proved his leadership abilities as a striper, serving as 6th Battalion Commander and 21st Company Commander. 


Naval aviation called Doug to a career as a jet pilot.  He added to his academic achievements by earning a degree in aeronautical engineering at PG School, Monterey.


Tragically, Doug’s life and career were cut short in an A4-C Skyhawk aircraft accident while on a test mission at China Lake, California on 11 June 1965. A fellow pilot’s remarks attested to his qualities:  “His ability as a project pilot was hard to equal.  He was an outstanding aviator and officer.”  Doug and his wife Millie have a son Michael and two daughters, Sydney and Kimberlee.  Millie, remarried, lives in San Diego.