Larry O. Marr

Larry had been on his regular morning walk on Sunday 10 September 2006, and was sitting down to a day of football, cigars and crossword puzzles.  His heart attack was massive and death instantaneous.  He was a significant man and is greatly missed.  A native of Aberdeen, WA, he had written his 50th yearbook bio, presented here, before his untimely death:


“George Mushalko tells me that I failed to provide my post-Academy resume on time.  So here goes with some remarks about my rather unremarkable career.  After graduation I entered the Air Force and spent two years learning to fly the F-100.  I spent my first and only tour of duty with the 8th Fighter Wing in Itazuke, Japan with frequent stays in Korea on “alert” at a base just below the DMZ


“When I left the AF I moved to Orange County, where I have lived since.  I spent about seven years in aerospace in circuit and systems design.  I then escaped from my buttoned-down engineering office-cell for the wild and free world of real estate and finance.  Since then I have engaged in residential and income mortgage brokerage, syndication, development, and property management, mostly in my own business.  My fortunes over the years have risen and fallen with the rise and fall of the real estate and financial markets in general.  In the mid-nineties, while hovering in semi-retirement, I entered the mortgage brokerage and banking business with my son, David, using his innovative ideas. The company has done well and we are now operating in four states.


“I married Elizabeth in 1958. We have three children (Laura, Terry, and David) and seven grandchildren.  The grandkids are exceptionally bright, talented, and good looking, which they all inherited from the Marrs.  On the other hand, they also seem to have a propensity for “skylarking” which they must have gotten from the in-laws.“