Malcolm A. Malloy

Mal was originally from Pittsburgh.  He passed away peacefully in the presence of his family at his home in San Diego on 28 November 2006, less than one month after the 50th Reunion which his health prevented him from attending.  He had suffered from Lymphoma for some time.  Mal’s family includes his wife of 31 years, Heather.  Their combined children include his son Sean and daughter Kaoime, and Heather’s daughters Holly and Andrea, and son Adam.  Mal’s first wife passed away many years ago.


Mal’s many activities at the Naval Academy were topped with his skills as a bagpiper, which he learned while attending Carnegie Tech in 1951.  He was widely recognized by all third battalion members, since he piped for our marching to meals from the side terrace of Bancroft Hall facing the Severn River.  Mal was honored days before his passing with a presentation of the current Brigade Pipe and Drum Corps tartan and crest in honor of his being the first known brigade piper.

Navy line was Mal’s first career, which he loved.  He was a landing craft officer on a troop transport ship, and later served in an aircraft carrier and icebreaker.  He told many sea stories of trips to Antarctica in support of scientific missions.  Mal also graduated from the Naval Postgraduate School, and served as Electronics Officer on the staff of CINLANTFLT.  After Navy retirement in 1976, Mal worked for several years with defense contractors.  He then joined the Naval Ocean Systems Center (NOSC) in San Diego, where he specialized in advance tactical data link systems and gained an excellent reputation for his electronics expertise.  He has been a very active member of the 56W class group since its inception.  Upon retirement from NOSC, he became a regular golfer, and continued with the San Diego Cameron Highlanders Pipe Band and piping events throughout the West.


Mal and Heather have been a source of fun and companionship within 56W.  Heather plans to continue to live in their La Mesa home near San Diego, and with her activities with the La Mesa Welfare Association.