David Bennett Lloyd

David Lloyd was a head-and-shoulders midshipman and naval officer whose life and career were cut short when as Exec of USS SCORPION he was among the 99 crew members lost in that ship’s sinking in May 1968.  Dave stood third in our class, and continued his leadership as a junior officer in the destroyer EPPERSON, the submarines SEA FOX, ETHAN ALLEN (commissioning crew), SKATE and as an instructor at Nuclear Power School.  The David Lloyd Award was established at Submarine School New London to honor Dave and to recognize and perpetuate his quest for excellence.  It is given to that graduate of the Officers’ Advanced Course who best demonstrates excellence in leadership, military bearing, academic performance, and extra-curricular contributions, as selected by a vote of his classmates, all of whom sign the accompanying certificate.


Dave and his wife Becky have five children: Dave, Liz, Susan, Mark, and Ted, four of whom served in the Navy or married naval officers.  Their granddaughter Rebecca, USNA ’02, is serving as Gun Boss on the frigate BAINBRIDGE.  Becky has remained a Navy wife, marrying submariner Al Burkhalter, ’51, who adopted the five Lloyd children.  Son Chip is a Foreign Service Officer, currently stationed in Zimbabwe.  VADM (Ret) Burkhalter and Becky stay close to the Navy and the Academy, living in Annapolis, where we hope to see them at our 50th.