Robert Spencer Lamb

Bob died on 10 Sept 1998 at the Kaiser Foundation Hospital in San Francisco, California.  He had respiratory failure due to metastatic pancreatic cancer.  He is survived by his wife Jian Zhu Lamb.  Bob was born in Illinois, but spent most of his younger years in Ohio, specifically the Columbus area where he attended Upper Arlington High, and later, Miami University of Ohio.  He was fond of football and tennis and was elected captain of the swimming team.  While at Miami U, Bob joined the Naval Reserve Officer's Training Corps and became a manager of Phi Gamma Delta.  He also served as treasurer of his freshman class.  Bob was deeply inquisitive and liked to partake in all activities while at USNA.  This included social as well as academic, sports, and company competitions.  He was a delight to be with and tended not to "sweat the small stuff."


Upon graduation, Bob chose the Marine Corps, a service he admired and spoke of often.  But we also think that Bob may have gotten a little seasick along the way, which may have helped spur him in that direction. 


Bob resigned his Marine Corps commission in 1960 and pursued another love of his - teaching.  He gained a Masters Degree in mathematics and was awarded a Juris Doctor degree from Suffolk University.  He taught for four years at Boston Latin and Copely Square High School and then moved to San Francisco where he taught math in their unified school district until his death.