Cloyd Houston Klingensmith

Rick graduated from high school in Massillon, Ohio.  He arrived at the Naval Academy after working in steel mills and two years in the Marine Corps and NAPS.  He eased through the Academy routine, enjoyed his fellow midshipmen, and loved to sail.  His sailing included the race to Bermuda. 


Upon graduation he returned to the Marine Corps going to Basic School and then flight training. Rick initially flew the F4D Skyray at El Toro.  While deployed to Okinawa he was making a CVA landing when the tail hook, afterburner, and other associated pieces came off of the airplane.   He managed to get the aircraft to 700 feet before ejecting safely.  Later Rick served on the staff at Cherry Point and then flew the A4 Skyhawk.  He deployed to Vietnam primarily providing close air support to ground forces.  He later again served in Vietnam flying medical evacuation helicopters.  He received the Distinguished Flying Cross and several air medals for his Vietnam service.  He was Commanding Officer of MATS at El Toro prior to his retirement in 1974.


Upon retirement Rick joined the business world.  Unfortunately he died in a private plane crash at John Wayne Airport in Irvine, CA, 7 October, 1984.  He was survived by his wife Peggy, two daughters and a son.