John D. Kelly

Jack died of a stroke on 10 August 1999 in Palm Harbor, FL. Family members include Violet, his wife of 43 years, three sons, a daughter, seven grandchildren, and a sister. Violet works part-time as a nursing supervisor, enjoys her grandchildren, and travels when the opportunity arises.


Jack was born on 10 June 1933 in New York City, graduated from Regis High School in 1951 and attended Villanova University for a year before entering the academy in 1952. While at the Academy, Jack was known for his academic achievements, many extracurricular interests, and perpetual smile. He graduated with distinction and received a leadership award. Jack chose an Air Force commission and became a pilot. He graduated from the Air Force Institute of Technology with a master of science degree in electrical engineering. In 1965 Jack resigned and began a Civil Service career at the Air Force Rome Air Development Center in New York. In 1973 he became Chief of a large telecommunications division supporting Air Force requirements. He retired in 1988 as Technical Director of the Directorate of Communications and was the recipient of the Air Force Outstanding Civilian Career Service award.


Upon retirement, Jack and Violet moved to the Tampa Bay area in Florida where he started a consulting business. He was devoted to his family and succeeded in passing the values and qualities he learned as a midshipman onto his children and grandchildren. He enjoyed the company of classmates and always looked forward to the next reunion.