Harold W. Hussey

Hal entered the Naval Academy following graduation from high school in Mr. Vernon, NY, and after a year of enlisted naval service.  He was very active in company and battalion sports, and prominent in the Chess Club. 


Upon graduation, he served on the destroyer BAILEY (DDR 713) followed by assignment to the pre-commissioning crew of USS INDEPENDENCE (CVA 62), and later on two amphibious ships.  He took time out in December of 1956 to marry his June Week drag, Jane Brooks.  Their later assignments included the Naval Post Graduate School and shore duty at Subic Bay in the Philippines.  He resigned from the Navy in June 1967.


Upon entering civilian life, Hal earned another Master’s degree, this time in Education.  He then joined the Monrovia, CA Unified School District as a teacher.  He retired from there in 1987.  Jane also enjoyed a career with the Monrovia school system.  Hal and Jane hosted 22 foreign students in their home over the years.  After retirement, they enjoyed much travel, and periodically Hal would transit to the class 56W socials in San Diego.  Their four children, Janette, Elizabeth, Kenneth, and Rachael, are all married and live within three miles of Hal and Jane’s home, and have increased the family to eleven grandchildren and one great grandchild.


Hal died on 5 November 2006 of a cerebral hemorrhage stroke.  Jane had passed away in 2004 from chronic lymphoid leukemia. Their passing has been a source of grief for the family, but at the same time a great source of celebration of the wonderful and productive lives they enjoyed.