William Frew Henry

Born in New York, Bill Henry grew up in Key West, Florida, and brought his sunny southern accent and disposition to USNA via a Navy enlistment and NAPS.  After a destroyer tour in ROBINSON, he entered the submarine service, completing J.O. tours on SEA POACHER, SEA CAT and as weapons officer on JAMES MONROE for four deterrent patrols.  He then served as XO THORNBACK and CO of TIRANTE.  He commanded FBM Operational Test Unit 2 in Canaveral after a program manager tour in the Strategic Systems Project Office, Washington.  His final Navy duty was as Senior Submarine Inspector and then deputy to Admiral “PT” Bulkeley at the Insurv Board in DC.  Retiring to Arnold, Maryland, Bill was involved in real estate and residential property development, eventually setting up his own company.


He and his wife Nancy were very involved with USNA and ’56 activities.  Both were welcome and familiar sights hosting class football tailgate parties, and Bill coordinated both the 35th and 40th class reunions.  The couple were devotees of boating, snorkeling and fishing around the Chesapeake and their vacation home in Key West.  Their children are Keith, Craig, Cheryl, Nancy, and Jennifer.  Bill died of cancer on 1 December 1997.  In his eulogy of Bill, Frank Kelso stated, “Few officers I have known were more loyal and dedicated than this shipmate.” The photograph shows the Henrys on their fortieth wedding anniversary – a real Navy and USNA ’56 team.  Nancy continues her craft business in the Henry residence in Arnold.