John A. Henry, Jr.

John died of from pancreatic cancer on 27 January 1990.  His family includes Varena, his wife of 33 years.  Daughter Carri Uram of South Carolina runs an adoption ministry through her church and has placed hundreds of babies in loving homes. She has 4 children, two of which were adopted.  Son John Dwight of Mississippi served 8 years as a naval aviator and is a Commander in USNR with two children.  He owns a tire store and raises horses.  


John is from Greenville, SC.  He entered USNA in 1952 and graduated in 1956.  Upon graduation he selected the surface navy, serving on two destroyers, then as navigator on USS WRIGHT (CC-2).  Subsequent duty included XO and CO of USS MOUNT BAKER; staff on Commander Service Squadron Five in Hawaii; then SACLANT  Staff in Norfolk, VA.  Following Naval PG School in Monterey, CA, his final assignment was on Naval Education and Training Staff at Pensacola, Fl.  He retired in Pensacola as a Commander in 1981. 


John worked with HBH Company in Saudi Arabia for four years to facilitate training of the Saudi Navy.  In 1985 he became a stock broker with A. J. Edwards Company.  Concurrently, he was active in volunteer work with the Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis Club and Warrington United Methodist Church. He was awarded numerous Freedom Foundation Awards.


Varena is finding time to travel between FL, SC, NC, MS and around the world.