Robert Henry Harris

Bob’s classmates and shipmates will remember two of Bob Harris’ prominent characteristics -- dedication to the Navy and to his duty, and a quiet, unassuming intelligence.  Bob’s career choice was submarines, after a first tour on FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT (CVA-42).  Following j.o. tours in TANG (SS-563), PERMIT (SSN-594) and ETHAN ALLEN (SSBN-608), and as XO RAY (SSN-653), he served in Naval Reactors headquarters in DC.  He then commanded ASPRO (SSN-648) in Pearl Harbor.  His final Navy tour was also in Pearl, as XO of the Submarine Training Center there, prior to a 1982 retirement.


Bob continued service as a civilian in Hawaii by tapping his academic prowess, earning an MS in Computer Science and teaching as an assistant professor at Wayland Baptist University in Honolulu.  He and first wife Barbara have five children:  Robert, Steven, Andrew, Laura, and Diana.    Bob died of heart failure on 14 April 1996 in Honolulu, where his widow Sherrie now resides.