Stewart Wight Hannah

Ensign Stewart (Stu) Hannah died in an aircraft accident on 11 Sept 1957 during the latter stages of his pilot training at NAS Memphis, TN.  Besides his parents, he left a sister, Emily, who later became Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin.  Stu was from Denver, CO and would never let you forget what a wonderful place it was.  He thrived there amidst all of its offerings, including high school academics.  He won a scholarship to Princeton but opted for the Naval Academy.  He continued his track record at USNA and developed a bundle of friends along the way, in no small part due to his courtly manner and intense interest in all people.   Stu’s interests, beyond academics, included tennis, battalion sports, and the drag circuit. His dates always received a tour and explanation of the Academy.  He was well on his way to marriage when fate stepped in.


An absolute delight to Stu was the winning of the Color Company award by the 18th Company in 1955.  This would soon have ramifications for the Academy.  Following his death, Stu’s parents contacted a classmate whom they had known.  The result was the "Stewart Wight Hannah Trophy" which is a silver bowl inscribed with the spring-set color company commander's name and company.  This trophy is displayed in Bancroft Hall.  Stu’s penchant for excellence lives on as the 18th company has won the trophy at least five times since Stu’s death.