Glen Edward Good

Lt Glen Edward Good, USN, was killed on 3 April 1962 during a nighttime anti-submarine training exercise from the aircraft carrier USS Randolph operating off Norfolk, Virginia.  According to reports, the altimeter on the aircraft he was piloting malfunctioned, resulting in the aircraft hitting the water as Glen was making a turn.  His body and that of his crew were never recovered.


Glen was born on 11 July 1931 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, graduating from Williamsport High School in 1949.  He enlisted in the Navy, spending three years including time at the Naval Academy Preparatory School at Bainbridge, Maryland, before entering the Academy as a midshipman in the 12th company.  Upon graduation, “Goodie”, as his classmates called him, was commissioned an ensign in the Navy, eager to begin flight training.


On 9 June 1956, Glen married Barbara Maitland of Williamsport, with five of his classmates in their wedding party.  After Glen’s death, Barbara returned to Williamsport with their three small children, Cynthia, Mark and Scott.  At a school reunion, Barbara met a mutual friend of hers and Glen’s, Harper Bohr, a Cornell University graduate and a U.S. Marine Corps officer.  They eventually married, and Mr. Bohr adopted the children.  Mr. Bohr’s Marine Corps career included time in Vietnam.  Glen would be pleased that his wife and children were well taken care of.  Glen is survived by his wife, Barbara, their three children, three grandchildren, and a sister, Jane Good Kline and her husband, Art.