Paul R. Fournier

Paul died of a heart attack on 10 May 2005.   His family includes Eleanor, his wife of 45 years, their daughters Elizabeth Skelly of San Diego and Michelle, and sons Paul Jr. and Joseph plus five grandsons.  Eleanor remains in the home she and Paul shared for many years in Coronado, CA, where she is very active with family, church and community activities.


Paul is from Lowell, MA.  He graduated from Keith Academy, enlisted in the Navy in 1951, and entered USNA from NAPS in 1952.  He was a legend in French, and pulled many through the course. Upon graduation he selected Surface Warfare.  His duty tours included two amphibious warfare ships, the carrier CORAL SEA, Department Head/instructor in computer math at the Guided Missile School, the destroyers H. B. WILSON and BORDELON, Joint Staff in Paris and Stuttgart, Naval Advisory Group in Viet Nam, Naval War College, and as CO PATTERSON (DE-1061).  His later tours included Surface Warfare staffs and as Chief Staff Officer for Naval Training Center.  He retired as a Captain in 1981.  He earned teaching credentials and taught math at St. Augustine High School for 15 years, followed by volunteer math teaching with his church’s Sacred Heart School.


Paul was an active participant with USNA 1956West.  He attended regularly, hosted luncheons and organized many golf matches.  We remember Paul as confident, helpful, and reliable as a naval professional, a community volunteer, a golfer, and with USNA 56W.