Richard Albert Drew

Dick was born in Washington, DC, and grew up in Arlington, VA.  His early education was in the public schools of Washington, DC, and he graduated from Armstrong Technical High School in 1949.  He was president of the senior class, manager of the basketball team and adjutant in the Cadet Corps.  He was awarded an engineering scholarship to Cornell University and also became a member of the National Guard.   After two years at Cornell he was appointed to the Naval Academy by Congressman Adam Clayton Powell.


Dick was known for his bright smile, cheerful disposition and mature nature.  He took great pride in whatever he did.  This was exemplified by how proud he was to march in the Inaugural Parade for President Eisenhower in January 1953. 


Dick was in his second year at the Naval Academy when he became ill.  After returning from youngster cruise to South America on the USS DELONG (DE 684) he entered the Naval Medical Center Bethesda for further examination and treatment.  Following surgery for a brain tumor, he died May 24, 1954.  He was buried with full military honors in Arlington National Cemetery.  Midshipmen classmates from the 7th Company served as honorary pallbearers.  A Youngster cruise shipmate recalls him as most hard working in our very arduous shipboard assignments, dignified, a good representative of USNA, and a fun partner when ashore.


The Class of 1956 has placed a plaque on a seat in Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in Dick’s memory.