Edward Kennedy Dillard

Ed Dillard graduated from high school in Haleyville, Alabama, where he was a standout on the gridiron.  He joined the Navy and after two years in the Fleet entered the Naval Academy on a Congressional appointment from his home district.


At Navy, Ed was known by his easy going nature and his excellence in intramural sports.  In addition, the perfection of his spit-shined shoes made Ed the envy of his classmates.  Shortly after graduation, Ed married the love of his life, Linda Kay. 


He resigned his commission at the end of his obligated service but stayed involved with the Navy working as an engineer for government contractors supporting training equipments and programs. 


In the late 1960s, Ed and Linda settled in the Orlando, Florida area where they lived and raised their son, David.  Ed worked at the Training Device Center at the Orlando Naval Training Center, while Linda taught art in elementary school.   Ed died in Winter Park, Florida in December of 1981.