Cornelius E. Coleman

Connie was born in New York, NY and attended schools in Greenwich, CT and New York before entering the Naval Academy. He preceded his twin brother to the Academy, Captain James J. Coleman USN (Ret) Class of 1957 who passed away in 2005. Connie, a runner, participated in track, steeplechase and cross-country at both the battalion and company levels.


Upon graduation he was assigned to the USS Muliphen (AKA 61), to CIC School, then to the staff of CINCLANTFLEET. His last tour was on the USS Price (DER-332).  Connie resigned as a LTJG in 1960 and moved to Kansas City.  In 1961 he began working for the St. Regis Paper Company in the area of sales and engineering.  He is credited with designing a conveyor belt system used for filling paper bags, from pet food to cement.  Connie retired in 1983.


Connie married Marjorie Gerhard in August 1962 after meeting her at the local watering hole, “Peanuts”.  Marjorie remained a grade school teacher until January 1996 at which time they had hoped to travel the world.  Connie had a sense of humor, numerous friends, enjoyed travel and was a dedicated sports fan; but will be remembered for his proclivity for practical jokes.


Connie died of cancer on May 12, 1996.  He is survived by Marjorie, his wife of 34 years and his daughter, Kathleen Grace also a school teacher. Marjorie remains in their home in Kansas City, MO.