Vicente Josue Brillantes

Vic passed away on 6 July 2006, a victim of pancreatic cancer.   Vic came to the Academy from the Philippines becoming a member of the 11th Company.  His contributions to the color company competition played a significant role in the selection of “Club 11” as the Brigade Color Company.  During his four years at the Academy, he excelled in his academic studies and graduated with Distinction, in the top 6% of our class.  His achievements in mathematics earned him the 1956 class prize for Excellence in Mathematics presented at Graduation.


Vic was commissioned in the Philippine Navy and had had an exemplary career, having once served as Director for Transportation and Communications of the Presidential Economic Staff under then President Marcos before retiring as Captain in 1972.


Vic had an outstanding business career, rising to positions of President, Director, and Chairman in several companies.  At the time of his death he was President and Director of Intermodal Shipping, Inc., Scanmar Maritime Services, Inc., and Philscan Travel and Tours, Inc. He was also the Director of the Filipino Association for Mariners’ Employment, Inc. [FAME], the FAME Maritime Foundation, Inc., and the Filipino Shipowners Association and was Chairman Emeritus of the Philippine Ship Agents’ Association.  He was past Chairman of the Chamber of Maritime Industries of the Philippines and Core Maritime Corp.


Vic is survived by his wife, Ophelia (Plet); four children; Vicente Raymundo, Melissa, Jonathan, and Christina; and five grandchildren.