James Williams Blanchard, Jr.

Sammy has prepared this biography of Doc. “High spirits, allegiance to the Class of ’56 and whopping straight drives were with Doc until he left us in September 2000.  We were married only nineteen months, but how glorious the days.  He lost his beloved Carol in January 1998.  She enthusiastically devoted decades to the Navy and the Class, and until the end, was her wonderful, gracious self.  They would both be proud of their offspring’s 21st century endeavors, Dave serving a year with his National Guard unit in Operation Iraqi Freedom.


Libby as an exceptional wife and mother, imbued with her Dad’s humor and her Mother’s love and caring, and Jim III successful in private life in nearby Virginia keeping up with his Dad’s classmates.   During his seven years in Hilton Head, Doc was, as always, Gung Ho in all his endeavors.  Once President of the Hilton Head Chapter of the Navy League, it now holds an Annual Doc Blanchard Memorial Golf Tournament and his golf club, an annual Blanchard Challenge.  Forever a submariner, he was co-editing The Encyclopedia of American Submarines when his time came.  Dedicated to Doc, the volume was published in 2003 with classmate (and best man two times!) Joe Talbert as Technical Adviser.


With both our fathers being USNA grads and career officers, an unexpected bonus for me has been time spent with the Class of ’56.  Your kindnesses, especially those of the Hilton Head contingent, have enriched my life, as Doc knew they would.  Congratulations on 50 years since hats up, my thanks, and, of course, a resounding BEAT ARMY!”