Michael C. Ahrens

Mike was born in Highland Park, Illinois, but grew up in Riverside, Connecticut.  He came to USNA by way of Hilder Prep.  Every day as a Midshipman was a great day for Mike.  He particularly loved sailing and the camaraderie of classmates. 


After graduation Mike went surface line and served on Pacific Fleet ships.  He eventually entered civilian government service working for the Naval Underwater Systems Center (NUSC) on sonar systems.  This included being Program Manager and Senior Project Engineer for submarine related sonars and head of the NUSC technology program.  Mike retired in 1988 and enjoyed golfing, fishing, traveling, and volunteer work.


Mike planned to attend the 50th reunion but passed away October 11, 2006.  He had written, “In 1998 I married an ex-high school sweetheart, Valerie Taylor.  She is still a raving beauty with silver among the gold.  Coincidentally, she was a grammar school classmate of [our ’56 classmate], Fred Lippert.  Val and I have ended our wanderlust – a little.  Sold the house in Maine to Val’s daughter and think we have found a permanent home in “The Villages”, Florida.  Have had two grandsons, Matt and Sean.   My daughter believes they are the next MVPs in the NHL.  We have enjoyed several mini-reunions and a cruise above the Arctic Circle.  Did you know herring can be served 16 different ways on a Norwegian cruise ship? To celebrate crossing the Arctic Circle one must have a Norwegian delicacy, whale blubber soup.  Again, the door is always open to any and all classmates and theirs.” 


Near the end Mike sent a farewell.  “Hi Gang, There comes a time when we all head for Davy Jones.  It’s my turn.  You are in all sincerity the greatest class ever!  I’ll miss the 50th like you can’t imagine.  Bon Voyage.  Mike”


Valerie attended the 7th Company 50th dinner.  Valerie has a daughter and Mike a daughter and son.